Resource Warehouse

Resource Warehouse

Children for Christ Resource Warehouse, 
3 / 8 Coombes Drive PENRITH NSW 2750
Ph. (02) 4722-5433

Craft Kits for Clubs

We provide inexpensive craft materials for Kids Clubs already operating, and have enough on the shelves for 50,000 children at any one time.  (Kits from $1.35 per child with enough for four children per pack.)

Stories and Visual Aids
  • Flannelgraph stories (including the whole of the Bible)
  • Flash card stories
  • Object lessons
  • Mailbox club
  • Pulpit program
  • Children's tracts
  • 60 different praise choruses
  • Kids Club resource manual
  • Games books
  • Registration rolls
  • Points
  • Name tags
  • Easels
  • Flannel boards
All of these are available at our Children for Christ Warehouse in Penrith.
Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  9.00am - 4.30pm, and on Tuesday, 10.30 - 6.00pm; closed 12noon - 12.30pm each day.
You can request a catalogue by mail, by ringing/faxing (02) 4722 5433
You can also download a catalogue and order form in the 'Craft Catalogue' tab above.

Below are some examples of the craft that can be made.