Philippines 2015

Mindanao , Butan

10,000 children reached for Christ

David tells the kids about Australia

and leads them all to Jesus Christ 
our Wonderfull team 

Philippines 2014

Mindanao , Cagayan de Oro, Jasan

Philippines 2013

Mindanao , Valencia city

about 12,000 children reached for Christ

Mark Carmichael, Jered Ramada and David Young

Valencia city school had 7000 children 
we where there all week



This year we venture into a new area of the Philippines with a invitation from John Bartlett a resident missionary and  Silesa Ronolo King a native of Cebu along with us came Heather Molyneux who is a wonderful financial supporter of Children for Christ.

In two weeks we were able to reach 8,500 in the area of Corodova the second largest city on the island of Cebu. We were accompanied by John Bartlett's Church ministry team who were a valuable asset to our visit in this area. 

Our third and final week  saw us travel to Oslob which is Silesa's home town.  Here we reached a total of 2,500 children.  Again we had wonderful responses from the teachers who really appreciated our work in their schools.

we are always grateful to Our Lord and Saviour who looks after us and provides all our needs while we are away. All the Praise and glory goes to him. 

Philippines mission 2011

 David, Jered and Mark at Mindanao

We travelled to many places any way we could

and visited 20 schools in 3 weeks

We did craft with all of them

The roads were great

The children loved our stories

about 9000 children heard a clear gospel message
 and responded to it

They all asked Jesus into their lives